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Why We’ve Joined CICC

We’re proud and pleased to have become a member of the Chemical Industry Council of California.

To understand exactly why we’ve taken that step, you only have to read over CICC’s objectives:

  • Alert member companies regarding public attitudes and governmental intent in matters affecting the industry;
  • Provide a forum for member discussion and review of public policy issues important to the industry;
  • Provide timely and reliable information regarding the industry to members of the Governor, State Legislature, and various state agencies
  • Respond to the public and media need for reliable and useful information about the chemical industry in California;
  • Speak out on behalf of the industry regarding the importance of chemicals to the quality of life and the state’s economy;
  • Promote a coordinated chemical industry response on public policy issues and effective participation during the development of legislative and regulatory measures related to chemicals and science policy.

They’re the kind of responsibilities we can really get behind, here at Coast Southwest. To us, it’s vital to be an involved member of your industry, no matter what your profession, and joining an effective trade group like CICC is very much part of that philosophy. By stepping up to that level of involvement, a business is helping to ensure smarter regulation, better professional practices, safer workplaces and a more contributory role in their community.

Having a voice

In fact, it’s very nearly obligatory for an enterprise in a highly-regulated sector to become a part of an organization like this. Why? To be sure your opinions and concerns are heard and have an impact on decisions that may profoundly affect your bottom line, your customers or your employees.

When you’re willing to stand up and be counted, you’ll reap the benefits.

Another synergy we like? The efforts of groups like CICC and NACD are also about innovation, too. Initiatives like Responsible Distribution® and others break new ground in promoting safety, accountability and community involvement for member companies.

So we’re happy to be part of these organizations, and we’d encourage any enterprise in our industry to become a member, too, if they aren’t already. There’s nothing quite like having a strong voice in Washington and Sacramento, and being part of a network of businesses committed to mutual support and success.

Read our press release about joining CICC.

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