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Coast Southwest is a veritable ingredient supermarket for formulators of consumer and industrial products. We carry the products of many world-class chemical producers—companies such as Petro-Canada, ADM and Shin-Etsu. From surfactants and silicones, to personal care specialties and industrial chemicals, we can supply just about any ingredient that’s listed on the back of a box, bottle, or jar.


Perfect Your Product with Our Ingredients

Coast Southwest offers an extensive line of surfactants. We cover the full spectrum of surface active chemistry, including anionic, nonionic, cationic, and amphoteric products.

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Fluid Thinking

Coast Southwest Silicones is the silicone business segment within Coast Southwest, Inc. Coast Southwest Silicones is a formulator, manufacturer, and distributor of commodity and specialty silicone products.

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Ingredients for Beauty

Coast maintains its leadership position by providing the most comprehensive and diverse product line in the business. From ammonium lauryl sulfate and acai palmberry to zinc stearate, we can supply about any raw material for hair care, skin care, or cosmetics.

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Keeping It Fresh

Coast Southwest provides a wide range of preservative systems and solutions, from classic preservation to contemporary and custom solutions, specifically designed and refined to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s personal care market.

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Nature’s Chemistry

Coast Southwest offers a vast array of basic oleochemical products like glycerin, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, methyl esters and fatty amines from the foremost producers around the world.


The Right Chemistry

Dissolvine® products can be used directly in chemical processes or formulated as water-soluble products. The convenience and economic advantages of using Dissolvine® chelates are coupled with their mild environmental profile.

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