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Olivatis® is a family of high-performing, natural emulsifiers from Coast Southwest and Medolla Limited.

These novel ingredients are derived from olive oil and impart a luxurious skin feel and elegant texture while providing stability to the finished product. Olivatis® emulsifiers are globally compliant, sustainable and GMO-free, and ideal for nonionic systems. Olivatis® 12C, Olivatis® 18, Olivatis® 19, and Olivatis® 20 are ECOCERT and COSMOS approved.


Olivatis® 12C

INCI: Olive Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Esters (and) Polyglyceryl-6 Pentaoleate
W/O emulsifier

Olivatis® 12C is a green product derived entirely from vegetable raw materials. It is an innovative, PEG-free and palm-free used in a wide range of applications.

  • Excellent water repellency for water in oil formulations
  • Cold and hot processing
  • Produces very light emulsions with extremely silky-smooth feel
  • Great color disperser and liquid crystal promoter
  • Suitable for lip gloss, lipstick, moisturizers, sunscreens, baby products
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS approved

Olivatis® 18

INCI: Olive Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Esters (and) Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol
O/W emulsifier

Olivatis® 18 is an ultra-mild emulsifier used in a wide range of applications from butters to skin and hair lotions. It is PEG-free, moderately anionic, and is derived entirely from natural raw materials.

  • Light and silky feel
  • Suitable for skin care, sun care, and color applications
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect
  • Excellent spreadability
  • Great liquid crystal promoter
  • Effective with oils of different nature and polarity
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS approved

Olivatis® 19

INCI: Olive Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Esters (and) Phospholipids
O/W emulsifier

Olivatis® 19 is a PEG-free, liposome-promoting texture enhancer emulsifier. This palm-free ingredient is derived entirely from natural raw materials.

  • Adds velvety touch so skin
  • Cold processing
  • Adheres to the surface of hair, giving pleasant non-sticky effect
  • Improves combing, smoothness, and shine in shampoos
  • No effect of viscosity of emulsions
  • No detrimental effect on foam
  • Use in high-oil formulations for bath oil, pre-shave oil, bath melts and butters
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS approved

Olivatis® 20

INCI: Olive Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Esters (and) Lauryl Glucoside
O/W emulsifier

Olivatis® 20 is an ultra-mild, PEG-free, universal emulsifier that meets formulators’ needs for more natural and safer hydrophilic structures.

  • Unique feel with a fresh, light, velvety effect
  • Hot or cold processable, particularly recommended for fluid emulsions
  • Wide pH and temperature tolerant
  • Suitable for sprayable, pourable, and wet wipes formulations
  • Use in bath bombs and salts, conditioning cleansers, makeup removers, sun and skin care products, and color cosmetics
  • Alternative to derivatives of PEGs and propylene oxides
  • ECOCERT and COSMOS approved


Olivatis® 15C

INCI: Olive Oil PEG-8 Esters
O/W emulsifier

Olivatis® 15C s a 100 percent water-soluble, pure Italian olive oil that is preservative-free, and clear with a practically undetectable odor. Olivatis® is free of impurities.

  • Effective way to add Italian olive oil into water phase
  • No impact on foam or viscosity
  • Reduces tackiness of glycerin and panthenol in formulations
  • Suitable for shampoo, shower and liquid gels, mild cleansing foams, transparent aqueous tonics/splashes
  • Globally compliant INCI

Olivatis® 21

INCI: Olive Oil PEG-6 Esters (and) Olive Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Esters
O/W emulsifier

Olivatis® 21 is the newest addition to this family of high performing emulsifiers. It is a naturally derived raw material under ISO 16128.

  • Universal emulsifier
  • Cold process
  • High HLB promotes solubility with most natural oils and butters
  • Provides skin and hair with a silky, soft after feel
  • Suitable for shower products, ethnic hair butters, makeup removers, and hair and massage oils
  • No effect on heat-sensitive ingredients

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Extend an Olive Branch to Your Skin

Olive oil has long been a basic ingredient for herbalist and cosmetic preparations due to its lubricating, restructuring, and skin protecting properties. Now, a new generation of emulsifiers delivers the ultimate in olive oil-based chemistry.

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