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Coast Southwest, Inc. is the region’s foremost distributor of personal care ingredients and other specialty chemicals. Coast maintains its leadership position by providing the most comprehensive and diverse product line in the business.

From ammonium lauryl sulfate and acai palmberry to zinc stearate, we can supply about any raw material for hair care, skin care, or cosmetics.

We also know how important cutting edge cosmetic science is to our customers’ new product strategies. Our team scours the globe searching for unique sources of innovation and technology so we can deliver that right new ingredient. We can spark the imagination of our customer’s research and development teams without burning a hole in their budgets.

So if you are looking for that latest special ingredient, or maybe even a commodity, Coast Southwest has all the Ingredients for Beauty.


is a family of high-performing bio-based emulsifiers from Coast Southwest and Medolla Limited. These novel ingredients are derived from Italian olive oil. Olivatis® emulsifiers are globally compliant, sustainable and GMO-free, and ideal for nonionic systems.

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is a biodegradable, bio-based polymer created from purified Tung (China wood) and rapeseed oils.

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is a water soluble hair fixative polymer in easy-to-use liquid form. It is an economical alternative to Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) or Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) in both hairsprays and high clarity hair gels.

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is the new global benchmark for high purity glycolic acid. CrossChem’s state-of-the-art process delivers a personal care ingredient free of formaldehyde.

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range offers a variety of Sodium Hyaluronate products with different molecular weights for diverse performance and application needs.

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innovative liquid dispersion polymers are highly effective and easy to use. The ETP series was developed specifically for cosmetic and personal care products.

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provides amazing color pigments and an extensive range of performance ingredients for skin and sun care. These lines deliver innovation, anti-aging and color in very creative ways.

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is a range of peptides combined with an advanced targeted delivery system designed to provide higher activity and efficacy.

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