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responsible distributionCoast Southwest is committed to health, safety, the environment, security, and our community.

As a member of NACD, we’re part of an international association representing more than 380 chemical distributors and their supply-chain partners, where we and other members meet the highest standards in environmental safety, performance, and security. With a presence in all 50 states, comprising more than 85% of the chemical distribution capacity in the nation and 90% of the industry’s gross revenue, we help create and drive industry best practices and economic progress.

Where Progress Meets Safety
We and other NACD members play a vital role in the national and world economy by directly creating more than 136,000 direct and indirect jobs.  NACD’s nearly 450 member and affiliate companies represent more than 85% of the chemical distribution capacity in the nation and 90% of the industry’s gross revenue. NACD members are in markets such as Adhesives & Sealants, Agriculture, Automotive, Cosmetics/Personal Care, Electronics, Paints and Coatings, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Textiles and more. By following NACD’s Responsible Distribution guidelines, NACD members also earned an exemplary safety record.

Responsible Distribution
…is NACD’s mandatory, third-party verified environmental, health, safety and security program. Achieving Responsible Distribution Verification, means we can assure you and other customers that we meet the highest standards in safety and performance, distinguishing ourselves from the competition.

NACD gives us a voice in promoting sensible laws and regulations to protect employees, customers, communities and the chemical industry’s ability to compete in global markets and create and maintain jobs.

Uniting the Entire Supply Chain
NACD activities throughout the year allow Members and Affiliates — like chemical manufacturers, warehousers, handlers, transportation firms and a variety of other companies — to share information and best practices, and connect with key decision-makers in the chemical industry supply chain…making for a smarter, safer industry.

Coast Southwest is a member, in good standing, of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). The senior management and employees of this company take seriously their commitment to NACD’s Responsible Distribution®, which is the Industry’s premier environmental, health, safety, and security program. NACD members who implement this program are twice as safe as all manufacturing combined. We applaud Coast Southwest for their continued dedication to handing their products with care, for their responsibility to their employees, and especially to their outreach with their local communities demonstrated through their work in the “You Be The Chemist” program of the Chemical Educational Foundation.
Lucinda Schofer, Chief Operating Officer - National Association of Chemical Distributor