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Repairing Heat-Damaged Hair With Marine Algae

Repairing Heat-Damaged Hair With Marine Algae

Sleek, glossy, healthy hair is universally loved, but frequent usage of heat-based styling tools leads to just the opposite: frazzled, frizzy hair lacking moisture, hydration, and natural strength.

But for consumers looking to repair their locks, an ingredient from the depths of the ocean has a multitude of incredible benefits that can heal heat-damaged hair. Red marine algae, prized for its use in hydrating skincare products, is also an excellent addition to restorative, reparative hair product formulations.

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What damages healthy hair?

Heat-based styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, wave wands and more all create extensive damage to hair, due to their innate ability to blast open the hair cuticle.

“The extreme heat from hair dryers (and from curling irons) causes the water under the cuticles (the outermost layer of the hair) to form bubbles that stress and break the hair,” according to Dr. Michael Roizen, in an interview with Bustle.

Once the hair cuticle has been broken or forced open from the heat from a curling iron or diffuser, dry and damaged hair that cannot retain moisture become the norm.

This is also why styling tools like wave wands or flat-irons are often the culprits behind broken hair strands and split ends. The high heat of these tools does tame a hair follicle into the desired shape – but ultimately breaks open the delicate cuticle in the process.

A problem with a unique solution

Experts agree that the best way to not damage hair is to forgo heat styling tools completely. But, for millions of consumers around the globe, ditching the blow dryer or curling iron is simply not an option.

For formulators, the ubiquity of hair-damaging heat styling tools presents a unique opportunity to offer consumers reparative hair care formulations, harnessing the powers of ultra-hydrating, marine algae.

A marine-born boost of hydration

Marine algae are so perfect for rehydrating, repairing hair care product formulations first and foremost because of their cellular makeup. Red marine algae naturally traps water, which make it the ultimate ingredient for re-hydrating dry, heat-damaged strands.

Red algae are comprised of long coils, which wrap around each other and create small pockets of space within the organism. When marine algae are applied to hair via a conditioning product, these naturally created bonus pockets of trapped water offer an extra boost of long-lasting hydration and moisture. This charged-up dose of moisture from marine algae helps to not only temporarily hydrate dry, frizzy hair, but also to create a smoother, sleeker appearance for longer. For extra help with dry, frizzy hair and flyaways, red marine algae is a premier ingredient to incorporate into hair care products.

A 2-for-1 shield

Additionally, red algae’s ability to naturally trap water means the organism can also trap other beneficial ingredients (oils, proteins, heavy conditioning agents) against the hair shaft too. When marine algae gets applied to the hair strand and scalp, the shield created by the algae holds hydrating ingredients against the hair strand for longer, ensuring their penetration into the damaged shaft.

For multi-functional hair care products like leave-in conditioners, conditioning hair masks, or pre-styling hair sprays or treatments, marine algae is the perfect ingredient to boost the efficacy of other reparative ingredients.

Keep the blow-dry, but add the algae

Red algae’s ability to naturally trap water means the organism can also trap other beneficial ingredients.

Heat styling hair tools aren’t going anywhere, and neither is the damage heat causes to hair. Rather than fight against the grain, formulators can offer consumers hair care products that leverage all-natural red marine algae for an ultra-hydrating approach to once again creating smooth, shiny locks.