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Regenerative Cream – CSW-0103-2/2011

This cold process cream is based on Fiflow® BTX, which works as a gas carrier and provides the skin with oxygen and wrinkle filling effects, and Creanatural® Vegetable Melanin, which terminates the functions of free radicals and helps calm the skin from the effects of UV radiation. The cream has a silky feel with deep moisture retention.

Phase A
Biomethics® Emulsifier Solanum CPS O/W1 (Solanum Tuberosum (Potato) Starch (and) Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (and) Water (and) Glycerin (and) Lecithin (and) Xanthan Gum (and) Phenoxyethanol) 10.0%
Creanatural® LAQ1 (Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil (and) Squalane (and) Beta-Sitosterol) 10.0%
Tocopheryl Acetate1 0.50%
Dedraflow® NI1 (Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14 Olefin) (and) Olea Europa (Olive) Fruit Extract (and) Beta-Sitosterol (and) Tocopherol) 5.00%
Daikon Radish Oil1 (Raphanus Sativus (Radish) Seed Oil) 3.00%
Fragrance 0.35%
Creanatural® LAB1 (Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Extract (and) Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil) 3.00%
Phase B
Water QS
Glycerin 3.00%
Xanthan Gum 0.60%
Dissolvine® NA2-S1 (Disodium EDTA) 0.05%
Creanatural® BioCollagene1 (Water (and) Glycerine (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Zea Mays (Corn) Starch (and) Natto Gum (and) Methylparaben (and) Chlorphenesin) 5.00%
Hyaluronic Acid 0.05%
FD&C Red 4 (0.08% in solution H2O)1 (Water (and) CI 14700 (Red 4)) 1.00%
Phenochem1 (Methylparaben (and) Ethylparaben (and) Propylparaben (and) Butylparaben (and) Isobutylparaben (and) Phenoxyethanol) 0.90%
Phase C
Siltext® Mat1 (Hydrogenated Polyisobutene (and) Dimethicone Crosspolymer 5.00%
Phase D
Creanatural® Vegetable Melanin1 (Water (and) Melanin (and) Phenoxyethanol) 2.00%
Phase E
Fiflow® BTX1 (Perfluorohexane (and) Perfluoroperhydrophenanthrene (and) Perfluorodecalin (and) Perfluorodimethylcyclohexane) 5.00%


  • 1Coast Southwest, Inc.


  1. Mix ingredients in Phase A under moderate agitation until homogeneous.
  2. Mix Phase B ingredients under moderate agitation until homogeneous.
  3. Add Phase A into Phase B, keep under agitation for 15 minutes and then homogenize (6000 rpm) for 5 minutes.
  4. Add Phase C and D ingredients into the mixture (A+B) and homogenize (6000 RPM) for 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. Add Phase E ingredients into the mixture (A+B+C+D) and homogenize (2000 rpm) for 1 to 2 minutes. No heating necessary.

Disclaimer: Seller makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, concerning the use of this product in any application. User assumes all risk of use, storage, or handling, whether in accordance with directions or not.

REVISION DATE: 06/08/2012

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