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Trend Alert: Glycolic Acid Skincare Sticks for Spring

Glycolic Acid Stick

The leading-edgiest new format for skincare products? Sticks. Whether it’s a facial cleanser, facial mask, or lotion, skincare sticks are all the rage for consumers who want to sweep, swipe, and swirl their way to better skin.

Available in a convenient, ultra-portable package skincare sticks are simply skincare products typically found in liquid form (i.e cleansers) but formulated to be in a solid stick format. Experts predict that these trendy products are set to be the skincare item this year – especially when featuring multifunctional hero ingredients like glycolic acid.

What’s behind the stick trend?

The appeal of skincare sticks is multifold, but their convenience and portability tops the charts. Skincare sticks can literally be taken anywhere, thanks to their solid formulation.

Whether it’s a stick facial mask tossed into luggage, a stick cleanser slipped into a gym bag, or a stick lotion tucked into a purse, skincare sticks offer a neater, tidier approach to many of the traditionally liquid-y skincare formulations. Sticks completely reduce the risk of spilled or exploding products – a big plus for on-the-go consumers.

Another benefit of skincare sticks? Skincare sticks offer a hands-free option to apply a product, minimizing the transfer of bacteria, dirt, or oils spreading from the hands to the face. Plus, skincare sticks make it very easy to spot-treat problem areas.

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Additionally, many consumers also love skincare sticks for their tactile benefits. By design, these sticks must be swirled or rubbed into the skin to be used, and create a pleasant, massage-like sensation. For consumers purchasing skincare products for self-care, the feel of these sticks is very important.

Finally, skincare sticks are one of the easiest, best ways to streamline a skincare routine, especially when the stick features a multipurpose ingredient like glycolic acid. With minimalist skincare and “skip-care’ a big trend for consumers this year, multifunctional products like skincare sticks are an especially appealing option for faster, more simplified skincare.

Multitasking magic

Skincare sticks are the hot product format for spring thanks to their multitasker, multifunctional efficacy. And one of the most multifunctional, efficacious skincare ingredients – glycolic acid – is the perfect hero ingredient to feature in a skincare stick.

Exfoliator supreme

Glycolic acid is the perfect star ingredient for a multipurpose skincare stick formulation first and foremost because of the tiny molecule’s ability to deeply penetrate the skin cells. By being the top Alpha Hydroxy Acid for quickly and effectively loosening the bonds that hold older, dry, or damaged skin cells together, glycolic acid is simply “one of the most effective exfoliators out there.”

For a skincare ingredient that can sweep away dead skin cells and combat dry, rough, flaky patches of skin, glycolic acid stands unbeaten.

Glycolic acid-based skincare sticks are a fun, portable, and highly efficacious option


In addition to being ace at exfoliation, glycolic acid also is also a powerful addition for anti-aging skincare stick formulations. First, by sloughing off dry, dead skin cells, glycolic acid helps to immediately improve the appearance of the skin, creating a more youthful, vibrant glow.

Dry skin is more likely to show the signs of aging via fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, and laugh lines – but a glycolic acid-based skincare stick can help to minimize those signs.

Additionally, glycolic acid improves collagen and elastin production, two key proteins needed for skin plumpness and firmness.


Finally, glycolic acid is perfect for a multi-purpose skincare stick because glycolic acid triggers new skin cells to the surface of the skin. New skin cells are less likely to become clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, or excess oil, which helps to prevent breakouts from occuring in the future. Plus, newer skin cells are more readily available to absorb other beneficial ingredients incorporated in a stick.

Sticks are on a spring upswing

For consumers seeking a more streamlined addition to their skincare routine, glycolic acid-based skincare sticks are a fun, portable, and highly efficacious option to reduce breakouts, effectively exfoliate, and provide a turbo-boosted dose of anti-aging support.

We’ll undoubtedly see more and more of them in consumer’s purses, backpacks, and makeup bags, because they’re part of yet another trend that’s on the upswing this season and beyond.

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