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Tap Into the Ampoules Market with Glycolic Acid

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The global ampoules market is projected to hit a total value of $5.96 billion USD by 2024, at a CAGR of 8.52%, according to new market research.

Even more exciting? Ampoules, or capsules, which contain supercharged shots of powerful active skincare ingredients like glycolic acid, are being hailed by the beauty media as “skincare’s next big thing,”mini game changers,” and “the must-try Asian beauty trend.”

The recent ampoule explosion is being driven by the product’s efficacy, reputation for rapid results, and the green, clean claim consumers love. For consumers and formulators alike: it’s time to jump in on the ampoule trend.

What’s an ampoule?

Ampoules, or capsules, are miniature containers often shaped like vials or pouches. Inside the tiny package is a concentrated dose of highly beneficial – and highly potent – active skincare ingredients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and natural ingredients.

Designed to be used as a one-time rocket booster for skin, or over a longer period of time (like a week or month) to help solve issues like acne or dullness, ampoules are currently being touted as “a boot camp for your skincare.”

Small size, big results

Learn about Glyacid
Learn about GlyAcid®

Ampoules are the skincare item du jour for the most timeless reason: these tiny capsules create visible results – fast.

With the consistency of a serum, the liquid in ampoules acts like a proverbial booster shot for the skin when applied. And, thanks to the highly viscous, concentrated nature of ampoules, these small capsules often contain higher doses of efficacious active ingredients than a more traditional format, like a lotion.

“The reparative formulas are targeted towards specific concerns – repairing, hydrating, brightening, anti-aging – so they’re a handy secret weapon in times of dullness, breakouts, irritation and inflammation. Essentially, you’ll want to reach for one whenever your skin is looking less than its best,” explains Net-A-Porter.

For consumers obsessed with fast results and quick fixes, ampoules are the perfect solution to seeing the skincare results they want – posthaste.

Green and clean

The ampoule explosion can also be linked to the consumer desire for green skincare products. For eco-conscious consumers, ampoules are a highly attractive skincare product to incorporate into their arsenals. While at first glance an ampoule seems to create more waste than a single skincare bottle, jar, or tube, many ampoules use biodegradable or recyclable containers, like miniature glass vials, for their packaging.

Additionally, ampoule purchasing is on the rise thanks to the cleanliness, portableness, and convenience of the product. Due to their squeezable nature, ampoules are often perceived as being cleaner than other skincare products. Jars or bottles of skincare products like lotions, creams, and facial masks need to be dipped into with fingers and then spread on the skin. Many consumers worry about the dirt, oil, and bacteria transmitted from the fingers onto their face during application – and about any residue left behind in the remaining product. Ampoules handily overcome this issue, with their single-shot format.

Discover why glycolic acid liquid exfoliators are the “it” skincare product this year.  

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Lastly, ampoules are seeing a surge in popularity thanks to their mess-free packaging. These little capsules are less to prone to dripping, spilling, or exploding then other product formats, which makes ampoules extra convenient for travel. Plus, the small size of ampoules makes these products fun. For consumers who want to test out a variety of products, ampoules offer an affordable way to mix, match, and test a wide variety of brands and products, without much commitment.

Glycolic acid ampoules – high power, small package

Today’s trendiest ampoules all have the same powerhouse ingredient

Today’s trendiest ampoules all have the same powerhouse ingredient in common: hyper-effective glycolic acid. Perfect for ampoules designed to improve skin texture and tone, glycolic acid based ampoules can target a wide variety of skincare issues including acne, dullness, dehydration and flaky skin, and anti-aging ampoules.

Glycolic acid is such a formulation essential for concentrated skincare products like ampoules because it’s the single most effective exfoliator for skin. Glycolic acid quickly dissolves the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, and works to effectively slough off dry, flaky, and damaged skin cells. 

Additionally, glycolic acid drives new skin cells to the surface of the skin more rapidly than other anti-aging ingredients.

These new skin cells are more able to absorb other beneficial skincare ingredients easily – which makes glycolic acid the perfect partner ingredient for a variety of ampoule formulations.

Fast, targeted solutions in a mess-free, green friendly package – the ampoule revolution is officially here. For formulators and product managers, it’s the perfect time to tap into a surging trend with glycolic acid-powered ampoules and capsules to help consumers achieve complexion perfection.

Illustrations by vecteezy.com