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Skincare, J-Beauty Style


J-Beauty, or Japanese beauty, is set to become another on-the-rise movement in skincare in 2019.

J-Beauty products, routines, and traditions that originated in Japan, are slowly but surely beginning to crop up in Western markets, and are expected to surge in popularity next year, much to the delight of U.S. skincare-obsessed consumers, celebrities, and dermatologists.

Ready for a J-Beauty skincare primer? Here are three most definitive characteristics of J-Beauty skincare – and a look at how these unique traits will shape consumer expectations and desired products for next year.

Touki-hada – porcelain skin

Many consumers are familiar with the idealized “glass skin,” or flawless face, that represents Korean beauty. But, 2019 will bring a new skincare paradigm into consumer consciousness: touki-hada, or porcelain skin.

J-Beauty devotees covet porcelain skin – skin that is so smooth, flawless, and evenly toned, it could belong to a porcelain doll. True porcelain skin is defined by five key characteristics:

  1. Translucency
  2. Moisture
  3. Uniform color
  4. Firmness
  5. Elasticity

2019 will bring a new skincare paradigm into consumer consciousness

These buzzwords and the new skincare checkpoints of touki-hada are set to create an uptick in purchasing for facial care products featuring claims for brightening and tightening skin. Glycolic-acid-based products, which can help boost collagen and elastin production in the skin, will specifically see an escalation in demand, as consumers seek out scientifically based formulations that can deliver the porcelain skin they now desire.

Purity and oil cleansing

The oil cleansing phenomenon, or using a variety of oils to cleanse the face and remove makeup and dirt, actually began in Japan. With a premium placed on purity and deep cleansing in Japan, oil cleansing is viewed as a more natural, efficacious, and gentle solution to removing the dirt, makeup, and excess sebum from the face.

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“Japanese consumers… favor heavy-duty yet gentle cleansing oils, as they’re rich in vitamins and are lipophilic – which means they keep toxins out and moisture in. They can also help shrink the appearance of pores and get rid of acne!” said Rebecca Treston, founder of Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, in an interview with Friday Magazine.

Additionally, many Japanese consumers practice “double cleansing,” or washing the face multiple times with their favorite oil cleanser, to fully remove dirt and makeup at the end of the day.  Both the ritual of double-cleansing, and the implied purity multiple facial cleansings can offer, will surely create a heightened interest in both oil and double cleansing for Western consumers in 2019.

2019 is set to be an explosively exciting year for formulators, as the J-Beauty craze rejuvenates and innovates the current skincare world.