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Prepping Skin for Self-Tanners with Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid Self-Tanning

Summer is here which means self tanners are hot personal care product for consumers to add to their shopping carts. But, for consumers to effectively prime and prep their skin for successful self-tanner use, there’s one critical step to take before smoothing, spraying, or rubbing on the bronzer: exfoliation. By using the “gold standard of chemical exfoliation,” glycolic acid can help create smooth skin – and set up consumers for streak-free self-tanner application.

The key to successful self-tanning

Using a self-ttanner requires smooth, well-moisturized skin for a cohesive, natural-looking application. And the key to achieving smooth skin lies in effective exfoliation – and thus with glycolic acid.

Thanks to the tiny molecule size of glycolic acid, this hero Alpha Hydroxy Acid is the best ingredient for creating “velvety, soft skin” prior to self-tanner application. By dissolving the bonds that hold flaky, dry, and damaged skin cells together, glycolic acid skin care products can quickly slough off the dead skin cells that lead to self-tanner streaks – and unhappy consumers.

Additionally, exfoliating the skin before self tanner application ensures the self tanner will last for a longer period of time.

“No matter which self-tanning product, or spray tanner, you use, it almost certainly contains DHA. DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, is a harmless chemical, a type of sugar actually, that ultimately creates the tan on your skin…When the dead skin cells on your body come in contact with DHA, the amino acids in those skin cells have a chemical reaction that ultimately forms a pigment called melanoidin, which replicates a real tan from the sun. However, since the DHA reacts with the first cells it comes in contact with and does not form pigment deep inside your skin, the tan from self-tanning products doesn’t last very long, and typically requires frequent reapplications,” according to GoodLookingTan.com.

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By rapidly sloughing off dead skin cells with a glycolic acid based exfoliator prior to self-tanner usage, consumers can ensure their “tans” will last longer.

Priming the canvas

There’s one more reason glycolic acid body exfoliation products are useful for pre-self-tanner use. In addition to promoting speedy exfoliation, glycolic acid also drives new skin cells to the skin surface. These new skin cells are healthy and well-hydrated, creating the perfect blank canvas for absorbing a self-tanner product.

The rise of chemical exfoliation for the body

While many consumers associate bodily exfoliation with manual scrubs, glycolic acid-based body washes, lotions, and sprays, chemical exfoliators have risen in popularity as of late, due to their incredible efficacy. 

If you’ve ever used salicylic acid for breakouts or a smoothing alpha-hydroxy facial peel, you’re familiar with the concept of chemical exfoliation, skin science’s answer to a scrub. But it’s not just great for your face—your body deserves the same love. I’m almost embarrassed that it took me so long to realize that chemical exfoliation is the key to next-level limb smoothness,” writes Amber Katz for the Self article, “Chemical Exfoliation Is the Skin-Care Step Your Body Is Missing.”

Chemical exfoliators have risen in popularity as of late, due to their incredible efficacy.

Another reason behind the recent boom of chemical exfoliation products for the body? Chemical exfoliators are far more gentle on the skin, making glycolic acid body exfoliators a great choice for sensitive skin claims. 

Finally, chemical exfoliation is usually far more fast and effective than physical exfoliation. “Chemical peels go deeper within the skin than scrubs do, so, they tend to produce desired results with fewer problems,” dermatologist Ellen Marmur M.D. said in SELF.

For consumers seeking out quick exfoliation that delivers results, glycolic acid exfoliators for the body are the right product at the right time.

Popular glycolic acid body exfoliators

Check out these trending glycolic acid-based body exfoliation products:

Glycolic acid’s dual abilities to slough off dead skin cells and drive new cells to the surface of the skin make this superstar Alpha Hydroxy Acid the perfect ingredient to exfoliate the body from head to toe – so it’s prepped for applying that golden glow!

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