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Redefining Beauty Sleep with Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid Beauty Sleep

Skincare afficianados have found another way to obsess about their skin – while they’re asleep.

Overnight or “sleepcare” skincare is one of the biggest trends this year, and based on recent reports,  consumers are more than ready to rev up their “beauty sleep” by purchasing skincare products that renew, repair, and replenish the skin overnight.

With Sephora.com offering more than 170 sleepcare-related products, cosmetic retailer Ulta offering 95 products in the sleepcare category, and big brands like Dr Murad, Dermalogica, and Lush crafting their own sleepcare skincare products, it’s safe to say that overnight skincare is officially here to stay.

Defining “sleepcare” skincare

Sleepcare skincare products have two key aims. First, these products are designed to improve both the duration and quality of sleep after usage, usually through the incorporation of natural claims ingredients.

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Sleepcare skincare items may also produce a calming feeling at night through a tactile product sensation (i.e. creamy, milky) or by the stress-reducing act of the applying the product itself (i.e. taking time to smooth on a thick face mask).

The second aim of overnight skincare products is to improve the appearance of the skin over the course of the night. By delivering active or hero ingredients that optimize or support the skin’s recovery and repair processes during the night, sleepcare skincare products can correct skincare problems more quickly with higher doses of active ingredients or more intensive solutions.

Sleepcare skincare products also have the unique distinction of straddling both the skincare and the wellness worlds. An umbrella term for any products or practices that contribute to a healthy and fulfilling life, the wellness industry has exploded in recent years – and sleepcare skincare products are one of the ultimate demonstrations of the wellness-beauty connection.

The crucial natural sleepcare ingredients?

Whether it’s a calming sleep gel-cream or a recharging nighttime facial serum designed to induce feelings of relaxation, the natural claims ingredients in sleepcare products often have centuries of ancient usage, holistic claims, or scientific research to back up the calming or soothing feelings users receive after topically applying the ingredients.

Popular sleepcare natural ingredients include oatmeal or oat milk for soothing, chamomile oil for calming, valerian root for inducing sleep, St. John’s Wort for reducing stress, magnesium to relieve insomnia, and lavender to reduce inflammation.

Glycolic acid: the sleepcare hero

However, sleepcare skincare devotees aren’t just concerned about a restful eight hours. Consumers purchasing overnight sleepcare products also want to ramp up the efficacy of their favorite powerful active ingredients to create healthful, radiant skin.

For this reason, it’s no wonder that one of the most powerful active ingredients, the Alpha Hydroxy Acid glycolic acid, is a prominent ingredient in so many popular overnight skincare product formulations. Glycolic acid is prized for its ability to exfoliate the skin, drive new skin cells to the surface of the face, reduce the signs of aging, improve the skin’s texture, and create a more clear, radiant complexion.

Glycolic acid sleepcare products are often masks, serums, or lotions that work to sweep off the dead, flaky dry skin cells that contribute to an increased appearance or fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic acid also stimulates collagen and elastin, making this AHA an excellent choice for anti-aging overnight skincare formulations.

Additionally, skin that’s consistently dry and flaking has a tendency to clog pores with the dead flakes, which can lead to blemishes and acne breakouts. Overnight glycolic acid skincare products can help combat acne while the consumer sleeps, by aiding the skin’s natural exfoliation process.

Finally, glycolic acid is also a favored ingredient for cult sleeping skincare products because it helps to smooth out and resurface the texture of the skin. By penetrating the skin cell deeply, glycolic acid can help to create a brighter, more even, and dewy complexion over time. For consumers looking to turn into Sleeping Beauty glycolic acid based products will continue to be the it skincare formulations for overnight application.

Seize the ZZZ…

Overnight skincare products that create feelings of relaxation and offer skincare solutions will continue to rise in popularity for consumers this year. By combining the power of soothing natural ingredients with the efficacy of active ingredients like glycolic acid, formulators can create powerful nighttime skincare products that leave consumers calm, well-rested – and with radiant, healthy complexions, and the desire to keep buying brands that produce such dreamy results.

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