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/Packaging innovations of the future…ism?

Packaging innovations of the future…ism?

A leading trend in the packaging industry, one that’s already begun to affect health & beauty products, is what’s called the “Futurism Movement,” and it’s bound to influence consumer tastes and preferences for some time to come.

The Futurists of nearly a century ago have had their influence echo down through the decades, and that’s been apparent in popular culture and entertainment imagery.  Lady Gaga owes a lot to futurism — and her use of its tropes, like bold colors and textures, asymmetry and angularity and other touches, are influencing the tastes of her followers and beyond.

Fashion collections this season evoke a streamlined, technological futurism that’s attributable to this trend.  How it shows up in packaging is, as the BeautyPackaging.com article explains…

…avant-garde shapes and metallic finishes that embrace technology and innovation. She said sleek-touch packaging with soft finishes complements the heavy metal and gem like shapes of this ultramodern trend.

How long will the trend last?  Is it a deep-seated sea-change, or just a flavor de jour? Trendspotters are, as usual, investing a lot of time trying to polish their crystal balls on this.  The upcoming HBA Expo will devote a session to exploring the upcoming fashions that may well drive the design of tomorrow’s packaging…either for the moment, or profoundly and permanently.

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