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Fiflow products are anti-aging and anti-cellulite skin care actives based on fully fluorinated perfluorocarbons (PFCs) which carry oxygen to the skin. They are safe, stable, inert materials.

Fiflows function as dermal fillers and di-electric muscle relaxants. Due to their molecular weights and solubility, Fiflow’s oxygen system delivers both immediate results and long-term effects.

Fiflow products are ideal for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams and serums to improve skin metabolism and renewal. They hydrate and improve skin elasticity and have wound healing properties.

Oxygen is necessary for skin metabolism and skin renewal. The skin’s uptake of oxygen starts to decline around the age of twenty. By age fifty, oxygen absorption is reduced by about 50 percent. As oxygen is depleted, poor cell respiration causes dehydration and uneven and dull skin tone. Fiflows oxygenate the skin, delivering a healthy solution.

Fiflow® BB

For Instant Bubbling Effects

Fiflow BB products are designed for specialized applications where the efficacy meets functionality in a fun, visual way.

Fiflow® BB 61

Fiflow BB 61 is slightly more volatile and designed for bath and body, cleansing products, and masks and serums.

Fiflow® BB 76

Fiflow BB 76 is ideal for skin care applications such as masks or serums in which the bubbling effect brings a more visual aspect to the Fiflow’s strong anti-aging functionality.

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