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CC Cream Formulating Guide

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CC Cream Formulating Guide

Looking for novel ways to create high performance CC Creams?

Coast Southwest has all the right ingredients.

Color Shades

Creasperse® CC color shade dispersions are developed especially for CC Creams. They are ready-to-use color shades with broad spectrum UV protection.  Since they are in liquid form, no machinery, color adjusting or pigment dispersing is needed.  They are ideal for companies who have no expertise in color cosmetics, but who would like to develop a CC cream for their product lines.

Creasperse® CC color shade dispersions are based on E172 Iron Oxides and E171 Titanium Dioxide, and they meet cosmetic regulations around the world.  They also contain mineral UV filters with the maximum UVA protection to provide UVA-protection with a critical wave length of over 370 nm or PA++++.

Creasperse® CC dispersions are based on a choice of photo-stable emollients, either of natural or synthetic origin.

  • Creasperse® CC DF is based on Dedraflow® 5 to replace Cyclomethicone
  • Creasperse® CC AF is based on Alphaflow® (hydrogenated Polydecene), which is a highly branched material to enhance the pigment dispersion.
  • Creasperse® CC VS is based on vegetable Squalane to meet COSMOS standard.

Boost UV-Protection

Creasperse® TR 45 AF70 is a UV-dispersion, which contains a physical UV-filter for high SPF and UVA protection. It is based on a photo-stable ultrafine Titanium Dioxide dispersed in photo-stable hydrogenated Polydecene.


Fiflow® BTX is a multifunctional anti-aging material, which functions immediately upon application as a wrinkle filler and di-electric muscle relaxant. Fiflow gives an instantly smoother appearance on skin’s surface, as well as activates the skin’s metabolism.


Hydrasoft® Moist are transparent gels that deliver moisture to the skin and provide a soft and non-sticky film with a fresh after-feel. Creanatural® BioCollagen has excellent moisture retention properties and helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and appearance of fine lines.

Skin Lightening

BNpoly® UV Crystal TR 45 is a range of composite materials based on ultra-soft Born Nitride and Titanium Dioxide, providing additional UVA protection and photostability. The crystals create a ceramic look and a high lubricious silky texture.

Light Reflecting

Creaflakes® WL50 reflect light to give luminosity and radiance.

Biomethics® Emulsifiers

Biomethics® emulsifiers are based on natural ingredients and provide excellent softness to emulsions. They can be used as traditional hot process emulsifiers, but the range also offers alternatives for cold processing.

Texturizing Agents

Novatext® products reduce any tackiness in the formulation and create a smooth application with a matte finish. They consist of silicone-based texture modifiers and emollients. Novatext products provide a soft and silky feel with a non-greasy and matte application.

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