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Playful Styling Hair Butter – CSW 007-46

This butter, when worked into the hair, breaks into a creamy consistency with enough playtime to allow styling without a heavy residual feel. Olivatis emulsifiers augment the film-forming from the Glossamer. The Synthalen® W2000 provides cushion and some texture to the overall formula to create a pleasant after-feel.

Phase A
Octyl Plamitate1 (Ethylhexyl Palmitate) 3.00%
Endimate® 33V1 (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) 7.50%
Avocado Oil1 (Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil) 5.00%
Cetyl Alcohol1 (Cetyle Alcohol) 2.00%
Olivatis 111,2 (Polyglyceryl-3 Olivate Phosphate) 3.00%
Olivatis 131,2 (Polyglyceryl-3 Cetearyl Ether Olivate) 1.75%
Phase B
Endimate® IPP1 (Isopropyl Palmitate) 1.00%
Glossamer L66001 (Brassica Campestris/Aleurites Fordi Oil Polymer) 2.00%
Phase C
Dionized Water 69.04%
Dissolvine NA2-S1,3 (Disodium EDTA) 0.05%
Synthalen W20001,4 (Acrylates/Palmeth-25 Acrylate Copolymer) 3.25%
Bio-SA™ 1,5 (Disodium Succinate) 0.75%
Phase D
NaOH (40%) aq. (Soldium Hydroxide) 0.66%
Phase E
Sharomix EG141,6 (Ethylhexyl Glycerin (and) Phenoxyethanol) 1.00%


  • 1Coast Southwest, Inc.
  • 2Medolla Limited
  • 3Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals, LLC
  • 43V Sigma-USA
  • 5BioAmber
  • 6Sharon-Laboratories Ltd.


  • pH: 6-6.5
  • Viscosity: TBD


Phase A – In side vessel, add Phase A, mix, and begin heating to 75°C. Mix until uniform without sediment. Phase B – In another side vessel, add Phase B, mix, and set aside. When Phase A reaches 50-60°C, add Phase B to Phase A and continue heating to 75°C. Phase C – In main vessel, add Phase C without mixing. The solution will appear slightly cloudy. Heat this solution to 75°C. At 75°C., add Phase AB to Phase C and increase prop mixing to make homogeneous. Phase D – Allow the mixture to become uniform then add Phase D to Phase ABC. The mixture may thicken, but maintain mixing and discontinue heating. Phase E – Allow mixture to cool to 40°C and add Phase E to Phase ABCD.

REVISION DATE: 04/18/2017

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