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Forever Young Anti-aging Treatment – CSW 003-81

Dare to be Forever Young by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. With its capacity and innovative mechanism to supply Oxygen to the skin, Fiflow® technology instantaneously improves the appearance of wrinkles and provides a muscle relaxation effect. Fiflow® and Alguard™ deliver unique hydrating ability, making this formula outstanding for protecting long-term beauty and youthful looks.

Phase A
Deionized Water 62.55%
Dissolvine® GL-47-S1,2 (Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate) 0.20%
Glycerin 99.7% USP Kosher1 (Glycerin) 2.00%
Phase B
Olivatis™ 111 (Polyglyceryl-3 Olivate Phosphate) 2.00%
Endimate® 33V1 (Capryl/Caprylic Triglyceride) 3.50%
Moringa Seed Oil1,4 (Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil) 1.00%
Olivatis™ 131 (Polyglyceryl-3 Cetearyl Ether Olivate) 3.00%
Cetyl Alcohol1 (Cetyl Alcohol) 1.50%
Endimulse® 165V Flake1 (Glyceryl Stearate (and) PEG-100 Stearate) 1.50%
Biosecur C160S1,5 (Glycerin (and) Citrus Reticulata Fruit Extract (and) Citrus Aurantium Amara Fruit Extract (and) Citrus Sinensis Peel Extrtact (and) Ascorbic Acid (and) Citric Acid (and) Lactic Acid (and) Aqua 1.00%
Phase C
Hydrasoft® SEA1,5 (Water (and) Algae Extract (and) Natto Gum (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Chlorophenesin (and) Citric Acid) 2.00%
Alguard™ PF1,7 (Porphyridium Polysaccharide) 5.00%
Olivatis™ 151,3 (Olive Oil Glycereth-8 Esters) 4.50%
Fragrance QS
Phase D
BNPoly® UV Crystal TR 221,6 (Boron Nitride (and) Titanium Dioxide (and) Dimethicone (and) Isododecane (and) Ethylene/VA Copolymer) 0.25%
Fiflow BTX1,6 (Perfluorohexane (and) Perfluoroperhydrophenanethrene (and) Perfluorodecalin (and) Perfluorodimethylclyclohexane) 10.00%


  • 1Coast Southwest, Inc.
  • 2Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals, LLC.
  • 3Medolla Limited
  • 4Vivimed Laboratories
  • 5Sharon-Laboratories
  • 6The Innovation Company®
  • 7Frutarom


  • pH: 6.0-6.5
  • Viscosity: spindle 4 at 10.0 rpm = 3,500-6,000 cst


Phase A – Add Phase A to main vessel, begin shear mixing, and heat to 80°C. Phase B – Add Phase B to separate vessel under shear mixing and heat to 80°C. Once main vessel and separate vessel are at the desired temperature, add Phase B to Phase A slowly under continued shear mixing. Begin cool down. Phase C – Premix Phase C in separate vessel. Once main vessel is below 40°C, add Phase C to main vessel with continued shear mixing. Continue cool down. Phase D – When main vessel has reached room temperature, transfer to homogenizer and add Phase D to main vessel. Homogenize until uniform. Transfer to final container.

REVISION DATE: 02/03/2016

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