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Complexion Perfection Masque – CSW 003-77

Do not over treat your skin. Instead, reboot your skin with this revitalizing Complexion Perfection Masque. This formula gives an instant lifting effect. FiFlow® anti-aging technology prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you looking your best for all occasions.

Phase A
Hydrasoft® SEA1,2 (Water (and) Algae Extract (and) Natto Gum (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Chlorphenesin (and) Citric Acid) 62.15%
Pelavie® White K1,2 (Kaolin) 5.00%
Pelavie® Green Clay1,2 (Bentonite) 10.00%
Creaspheres® Silica WL61,2 (Silica) 0.80%
Phase B
Fragrance QS
Olivatis™ 151 (Olive Oil Glycereth-8 Esters) 2.00%
Phase C
Deionized Water 9.00%
Alguard PF1,3 (Porphyridium Polysaccharide) 1.00%
C-Vite1,4 (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) 0.05%
Phase D
FiFlow® BB611,2 (Perflourohexane (and) Perflourodecalin (and) Pentaflouropropane) 10.00%


  • 1Coast Southwest, Inc.
  • 2The Innovation Company®
  • 3Frutarom
  • 4Vivimed Laboratories


  • pH: 6.5-7.5
  • Viscosity: spindle 4.0 at 3.0 rpm = 50,000-60,000 cst


Phase A – Add Phase A materials in order to main vessel under shear mixing and begin heating to 65°C. Note: Allow each powder to reach uniformity before adding the next. Once main vessel has reached desired temperature, homogenize until uniform. Transfer back to shear mixing and begin cool down. Phase B – Premix Phase B in separate vessel. Once main vessel has reached below 45°C., add Phase B. Phase C – Premix Phase C in separate vessel. Once uniform, add to main vessel under continued shear mixing. Phase D – Add Phase D to main vessel. Homogenize to uniformity and adjust pH if necessary. Transfer to final container. Note: Airless container is prefered.

REVISION DATE: 01/26/2017

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