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Nail It This Summer! How Olive Oil Delivers Strong, Healthy Nails

Olive Oil for Strong Nails

Strong, shiny, nails are often an afterthought for consumers. But, with sultry temperatures demanding days spent outside at the beach, pool, or backyard barbeques, healthy nails are especially important as sandals and flip-flops become the shoe du jour!

While brittle, cracked, and dull nails plague almost 20% of the population across the United States, there is an easy – and all-natural – fix for unhealthy nails. Olive oil, already a beloved naturally derived ingredient for hydrating skin and creating supple, shiny hair, can also work incredibly moisturizing magic on an oft-neglected part of the body: nail beds and cuticles.

Nails are composed of layers of protein called keratin. When nails are healthy, they are smooth, shiny, free of discoloration or spots, and don’t easily break. A big signifier something is seriously wrong with nail health? A brittle or peeling nail bed and dried out cuticles, a condition also known as onychorrhexis. Onychorrhexis is characterized by weakened nails that easily break, chip, or crack, that split or peel at the ends, show ridging, or nails that do not grow easily.

Brittle nails can also make donning sandals or shaking hands embarassing or uncomfortable, and can be an undesirable attribute of older age. Luckily, no matter the cause behind the weakened nail, olive-oil-enriched products can create healthy, shiny nails! A daily and weekly routine consisting of nail care and hand care products containing the all-natural ingredient can make brittle nails merely a memory for sufferers.

Onychorrhexis is characterized by weakened nails that easily break, chip, or crack.

One of the best ways to cure brittle nails

Products containing olive oil are one of the best ways to cure brittle nails, thanks to the highly moisturizing quality of olive oil. Brittle nails are severely unmoisturized, and olive oil has a unique ability to penetrate both the nail beds and the cuticles quickly and impart rich hydration.  Olive oil is also packed antioxidants that strengthen the nails, preventing further peeling or breakage down the road.

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Usage of hand lotions, creams or even heavy serums enriched with olive oil are great ways to quickly and easily impart the moisturizing benefits of olive onto the nail beds and cuticles. For a more intensive treatment, products like nail and cuticle oils can be massaged into the nail bed and left to absorb. For maximum effectiveness at combatting brittle nails, a weekly 20-minute soak in an olive oil enriched nail oil or serum can be an immersive experience that rapidly delivers moisturizing results after just one or two soaks.

Healthy nails and cuticles can be easily maintained over the years – and just in time for sandal season – with ultra moisturizing olive oil enriched hand, nail, and cuticle care products.