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Olive Oil & a Growing Natural Claims Haircare Market

Today’s consumer is all about their hair – and the market growth proves it! Last year, sales of shampoo totaled $3.08+ billion USD in U.S.multi-outlets (grocery, drug stores, mass stores like WalMart, military clubs, and dollar retailers). Additionally, U.S. multi-outlet conditioner sales totaled more than $2.12 billion USD, according to new research.

Even more stunning than the overall hair care market growth? The continued surge of the organic and natural hair care market.  Just like the booming growth seen for the natural claims products in the personal care and skincare segment, today’s consumers are also demanding “natural” on the labels of their haircare products, more so than ever before.  According to Mintel, 37% of consumers said they bought more NOPC products in 2016 than the previous year.

In addition to the desire for products formulated without ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and alcohol, consumers are also ever-interested in products that will deliver the exact results they want. And one of the main mane desires for consumers? Longer, healthier hair that grows quickly.  The good news for consumers is they can satisfy their desires for a natural claims product and faster growing, healthier hair by incorporating olive oil-enriched hair products into their grooming routines. 

And that’s great news for product planners and formulators.

Olive Oil and Hair Growth

Olive oil has several key qualities that foster hair growth and maintain hair length. Firstly, olive oil helps counteract inflammation on the scalp. Why is this so important for hair health and growth?  Over time, scalp inflammation can lead to hair loss, especially if consumers have to combat folliculitis.

Folliculitis, or the inflammation of the hair follicle, is caused by a variety of factors, including a bacterial or fungal infection brought on by trapped sweat, oil, or irritating chemical substances. While folliculitis is a fairly common problem, if not treated properly and promptly, the condition will lead to hair loss.

37% of consumers bought more NOPC products in 2016 than the previous year.

Luckily for consumers, an easy over-the-counter treatment for folliculitis is to use an olive oil based or enriched shampoo or conditioning treatment. For consumers not fighting folliculitis, the frequent application of an olive oil-based hair care product will still help maintain their scalp health over time. And a healthier scalp creates conditions for healthier hair.

Slowing down DHT

Additionally, olive helps spur the growth of longer, healthier hair, due to its unique ability to slow the body’s natural production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone found in both men and women that helps the body mature during puberty – and causes hair follicle shafts to shrink later on. Unfortunately for consumers seeking out healthier, longer hair, an excess of DHT in the body creates continually shrinking hair follicles.

Olivatis™ - Coast SouthwestAs these hair follicles shrink, they also thin. Eventually, hair follicles can become so thin, they break off the hair shaft before even becoming visible to the human eyes. The end result of all this shrinkage? Thinning hair for women and balding for men.

Excitingly, some studies have found that applying olive oil directly to the scalp could possibly slow DHT production down. As this innovative research on olive oil and hair loss continues onward, consumers seeking out both a natural claims product and boosted hair growth will find a happy solution with an olive oil based shampoo, conditioner, or leave-in treatment.

Omega-9 to the rescue

Finally, olive oil is a true wonder ingredient for hair growth and maintenance, as olive oil  strengthens hair strands over time. While many are aware of the dietary benefits of the fatty acids found in olive oil, few consumers are aware that these same acids will improve hair growth and health.

When using an olive oil based-hair product, the omega-9 fatty acid in the oil both conditions and moisturizes the hair. This well-moisturized hair has an increased elasticity, and thus less of a tendency to become damaged by brushes, combs, and the dry heat and hot air from styling tools.

An olive oil shampoo or, even better, a leave-in conditioning hair treatment loaded up with omega-9 rich olive oil, are perfect, cost-effective options for consumers who want to strengthen their existing hair and prevent future hair breakage and loss.

So as the natural claims and overall hair care product markets continue to grow, formulators have a unique opportunity set out before them.

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Not only is now a great time to put new twists on old hair care formula favorites and create exciting new products, there’s the chance to include natural claims ingredients like Olivatis™ into their arsenal of hair treatments and products – the ingredients consumers demanding more than ever.