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Marine Algae Scores Big in Anti-Pollution Skincare

Marine Algae

Anti-pollution skincare continues to pique consumer interest, with the segment projected to experience “record exponential growth by 2028,” as both air pollution and urban populations continue to be on the rise.

“As the urban population globally is expected to grow… The need for skin care which would protect against one of the biggest problems associated with large cities, pollution, is set to expand, positively contributing to skin care value sales.”Euromonitor

For consumers, anti-pollution skincare is seen as The Latest Beauty Trend You Should Know About and an increasingly necessary product addition to a skincare routine. Excitingly, for concerned consumers, one of the best natural ingredients to combat pollution’s deleterious effects on the skin is the trending red marine algae, otherwise known as the naturally protective “fountain of youth” by those in the know.

The potential pollutants

Today, experts have discovered that a wide variety of ambient air pollution (outdoor pollution) and household (or indoor pollution) particles can wreak havoc on the skin. Some of the worst – and most common- offenders include:

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  • UV rays
  • Blue light emanating from cell phones, tablets, and screens
  • Nitrogen dioxide – a pollutant found in car exhaust and power plant emissions
  • Household combustion of fuels (burning fuel like wood, gas, or coal while cooking)
  • Cigarette and vaping smoke
  • Iron from train tracks
  • Ozone particles
  • Floating dust, debris, and dirt

Pollution’s negative impact on skin

Pollution particles not only negatively impact human health. Pollution also negatively impacts the health, appearance, and vitality of the skin in four unfortunate ways.

“Current scientific evidence suggests there are four mechanisms by which ambient air pollutants cause adverse effects on skin health: (i) generation of free radicals, (ii) induction of inflammatory cascade and subsequent impairment of skin barrier, (iii) activation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) and (iv) alterations to skin microflora.” – “Recognizing the impact of ambient air pollution on skin health”, The Journal of The European Academyf of Dermatology and Venereology

These four overarching problem areas create a host of nasty problems for the skin like premature signs of aging, inflammation and redness, dullness, increased symptoms of dehydration and flakiness, dark spots, discoloration, and acne outbreaks that are harder to control.

However, even though air pollution is at an all-time high, formulators can offer consumers protective and preventive skincare anti-pollution products by harnessing the natural, shielding powers of red marine algae.

Red marine algae: a natural defender against pollutants

Red marine algae grows and thrives in harsh conditions like rocky coastal plains, where constant changes in temperature, pH levels, sunlights, and bacteria affect plant and animal life. But, in order to become one of the oldest surviving organisms on the planet, red marine algae has adapted to these harsh conditions by acting as its own shield, essentially protecting itself against uncontrollable environmental factors.

This natural, shield-like quality of red marine is what makes this natural ingredient so perfect for anti-pollution skincare products. When red marine algae is applied topically to the skin, like on the face, neck, or hands, the marine algae will create a film, or cellular shield. This shield helps to deflect the potential damage caused by UV rays, chemicals, smokes, dirt, or any combination of pollutants to the skin.

This shield-like quality is what makes red algae perfect for anti-pollution skincare products.

An antioxidant powerhouse

Red marine algae is also such a star ingredient for anti-pollution skincare products thanks to the high amount of naturally occurring antioxidants within the organism.

Antioxidants are crucial to anti-pollution formulations, as they protect the skin by fighting free radicals (like UV rays). Skincare experts often refer to antioxidants as “the most accessible ingredients known to counter the effects of pollution on the skin.” Research has discovered that red marine algae naturally generates antioxidants like polyphenols, vitamins, and polyunsaturated fatty acids – all of vital importance to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin.

Additionally, red marine algae is packed with peptides, carotenoids, and carrageenan, which also help to protect the skin from pollution. Topically applied peptides help the body manufacture new collagen, which can help slow or diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – two especially unwanted side effects of daily interaction with pollutants. Meanwhile, carotenoids help to protect against UV rays and brighten skin, while carrageenan binds water to the skin, effectively fighting against dehydration.

For a naturally nourishing, protective ingredient, red marine simply can’t be topped for its powerfully practical applications in an anti-pollution skincare formulation.

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