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Jillian W. Cimo Elected to Board of Directors of the Chemical Industry Council of California

Will advocate STEM education and CICC’s community-focused initiatives

(Placentia, CA) – August 22, 2018 – Coast Southwest, Inc., a leading full-service chemical distribution and ingredient technology company headquartered in Orange County, announced the election of Jillian W. Cimo, vice president of Coast Southwest, to the Board of Directors of the Chemical Industry Council of California (CICC), continuing the company’s history of industry and community involvement.

“CICC’s ability to monitor, and communicate to its members, regulatory updates and their potential impact on industry is of vital interest to Coast Southwest,” Ms. Cimo said. “CICC’s advocacy on significant initiatives to protect and enhance science-based regulation, the safety and security of our workplaces, and the safe handling and usage of chemicals is extremely valuable to our company and  to California communities, too.”

CICC is a trade group made up of chemical manufacturers, distributors, and allied businesses throughout California. It advocates on their behalf to the Office of the Governor, the state legislature, and various state agencies.  Beyond advocacy, CICC provides a forum for members to review and discuss public policy developments that may affect them and their communities. Moreover, it acts as a source of reliable and accurate information on the chemical industry for the media and public.

In its 30-plus years of operation, Coast Southwest has been a recognized leader in advocating for the broader chemical industry. The firm has been a longtime active member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD).

Jillian W. Cimo

Why was she chosen for its Board of Directors?  “CICC’s new General Manager, Lisa Johnson, and I share an interest in the scientific education of our youth,” Ms. Cimo said. “We both believe passionately that chemistry matters.  She’s aware of the work I do as an organizer for the ‘You Be The Chemist®’ Challenge in California. She attended the state championship this year, and thereafter decided to commit CICC to the cause of STEM education.”

Ms. Cimo said, “It was this connection that led to my nomination and subsequent election to the Board of Directors. The member companies of CICC understand that to have an informed electorate and a talented future workforce, we must educate our youth on the value of chemistry.

In addition to this, “I will be a vocal advocate for science-based regulation of our industry, ensuring that our regulatory environment is sensible,” Ms. Cimo said. “Certain initiatives, such as the California Green Chemistry and Safer Consumer Products Initiatives, protect our environment, our workers, and are welcomed by industry as well.”

Ms. Cimo said that membership in the CICC has been valuable for Coast Southwest and that other firms in the chemical industry would find it worthwhile, as well. “Any business contemplating CICC membership would find itself in excellent company,” she said. “CICC provides a forum where member companies can share best business practices, strategies for compliance, and other information to enable us all to be successful in California.”

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