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Innovation and Ancient Techniques: 2019’s Trending Skincare Tools

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Skincare is no longer just about a cleanser and a washcloth. Instead, today’s consumer wants to maximize their complexion with all of the products, trends, tips, and tools possible to perfect their skin.

The latest batch of trending skincare tools do just that, by blending innovative new technology with ancient techniques, to help improve skin vitality, appearance, and health.

Jade Rollers and Beyond

Similar in appearance to a mini paint roller, a jade roller is a small, handheld tool that allows the user to roll a small, smooth jade stone across the surface of the face. Jade rollers are beloved for their all-natural ability to shape, tone, and sculpt the look of facial skin.

Additionally, jade rollers saw a massive popularity spike last year, as social media enthusiasts used platforms like Instagram and Twitter to rhapsodize about the jade roller’s ability to depuff skin. The tiny tool does so by massaging the lymphatic system, the tissues and organs below the surface of the skin that helps to remove toxins and waste, which contributes to smoother, more even-looking skin tone.

With royal and celebrity fans like Meghan Markle, Hilary Duff, and Khloe Kardashian: jade rollers, and crystal rollers of all stripes, will continue to be big (and possibly bigger) in 2019.

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Microneedling Patches

Microneedling, the dermatological practice of inserting very fine short needles into the skin to reduce signs of fine lines, wrinkles, and promote anti-aging, began to pique consumer interest again last year. While this procedure was done in a doctor’s office during its advent in the 1990s, 2018 brought consumers the dermaroller – an affordable, paint-roller-style tool, similar in appearance to the jade roller, that allowed anyone to microneedle at home.

While the dermaroller was trendy in 2018, too many cases of at-home rolling gone awry led droves of consumers to eschew this handheld tool. However, with recent innovation on the micro-needling front, brave consumers can once again try their hand at this brisk anti-aging procedure – with microneedling patches.

Originally developed to deliver flu vaccines, experts predict microneedling patches for cosmetic improvement will be the next big skincare tool this year. Why? These small patches, covered in tiny needles, are easy and simple to use. A patch is applied to the skin, punctures the epidermis, delivers beneficial ingredients, and offers consumers a more refreshed, rejuvenated complexion after the patch is peeled off and thrown away.

“As this technology is further developed, it will likely be used in more over-the-counter skin-care products and definitely improve the quality of results achievable at home,” said dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD in an interview with cool-hunter website Refinery29.

Gua Sha Stones

Hailing all the way from the ancient medical traditions of China, the ancient facial massage using crystal stones, known as gua sha, is ready to take center stage – and center in many #skincare selfies – in 2019.

The traditional gua sha method is usually performed by a therapist who uses a handheld tool (made of bone, horn, or crystal) to “scrape” or apply pressure across the face to stimulate blood flow and massage the lymphatic system.

However, thanks to a recent explosion of interest in incorporating crystals into beauty routines, the traditional Chinese facial tool for gua sha is now readily available for skin massage at home. Most often sold as a small, credit-card-shaped crystal, gua sha massage stones purport to lift and smooth skin after short massages, as well as sculpt the face into a tighter, better-looking shape.

With their all-natural, and ancient appeal, expect gua sha massage to become “The New It Skincare Tool of 2019.”

Updated Facial Cleansing Brushes

High-tech electronic facial cleansing brushes are firmly here to stay, thanks to this ubiquitous tool’s ability to deeply exfoliate and cleanse facial skin. However, today’s iterations of the facial cleansing brush offer consumers some serious upgrades, including:

As the innovation of skincare facial tools blossoms this year, formulators can seize upon consumers’ love of traditional methods with modern-day spins, and satisfy it with exciting new skincare products that blend ancient wisdom with the best science of today.