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Glycolic Acid Liquid Exfoliators – 2019’s “It” Product

Glycolic Acid Liquid Exfoliators

With spring here and summer on the way, consumers everywhere are seeking out innovative skincare products to help reveal smoother, healthier skin for the warmer months. And one of the best ways to achieve a vibrant complexion? With the trending 2019 product, glycolic acid liquid exfoliators – also known as the product for gentle, effective exfoliation.

With Pinterest searches up 58% since last year, liquid exfoliators named one of “2019’s Biggest Skincare Trends,” and buzzy beauty websites like Refinery29 declaring “ask any skin expert how to achieve clear, glowing, even skin and they’ll no doubt mention a liquid exfoliator,” the message is clear. For glowing skin, glycolic acid liquid exfoliators are a must-use product.

The power of liquid exfoliation

Liquid exfoliators are most similar in look, viscosity, and texture to toners. However, despite their lightweight formulation, liquid exfoliators are extremely powerful products. Liquid exfoliators harness the powers of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, like glycolic acid, to chemically exfoliate the skin, or to gently dissolve dead, damaged skin cells upon application.

In contrast, physical exfoliators are scrubs comprised of rough particles like salt, sugar, coffee grinds, or bits of husks or seeds that physically rub off dead skin cells when applied. 

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Learn about GlyAcid®

While physical exfoliators do slough off dead, flaky skin cells, these manual exfoliators are often too abrasive for those with sensitive skin, or more delicate areas like the face, neck or hands. Physical exfoliators can also cause small tears, lacerations, or abrasions to the skin if used too frequently, or too roughly.

Popularity drivers

Liquid exfoliators are currently the it product for exfoliation, thanks to several key properties. First, liquid exfoliators are a fast, efficient way to exfoliate, thanks to their swipeable, wipeable format. Consumers and beauty publications alike highlight the relative ease of liquid exfoliators, especially in comparison to more time-intensive scrubs.  

Another big driver behind the “the next big thing in beauty?” Liquid exfoliators are far more gentle than their physical counterparts. Liquid exfoliators don’t rely on scrubbing, rubbing, or abrasion to revive dull skin. Instead, liquid exfoliators use the gently effectively chemical properties of powerful molecules like glycolic acid to slough off dead skin cells.

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Finally, the current glycolic acid liquid exfoliators craze can be linked back to one all-important claim: efficacy.

Glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation

Glycolic acid based liquid exfoliators are the most efficacious exfoliating products to use thanks to the small molecule size of glycolic acid. As the smallest AHA, glycolic acid can most effectively penetrate the skin cell and melt away the bonds that hold flaky, dry, or damaged skin cells together. By quickly removing visibly dry, flaking skin from the surface, glycolic acid liquid exfoliators instantly promote a more healthy complexion.

Additionally, glycolic acid liquid exfoliators are top-notch for achieving radiant skin, as glycolic acid speeds up skin cell turnover by driving newer, healthy skin cells to the surface of the epidermis.

This has several benefits for consumers. Newer skin cells look healthier, smoother, and more even in color and tone. Newer skin cells will also more easily absorb beneficial ingredients, like moisturizer or other acids. And, most importantly for consumers struggling with acne, newer skin cells are less likely to become clogged with dirt, debris, and excess sebum.

Liquid results

Glycolic acid liquid exfoliators can make a world of a difference to consumers struggling with dehydrated, acne-prone, or dull skin. For smoother, more radiant skin faster, AHA-based liquid exfoliators are poised to become breakthrough products in 2019 – and will keep driving results in the years ahead.