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Formulating for Natural Beauty with Bio-Based Polymers

Natural, green claims remain a market-defining factor among consumers making new cosmetic purchases, to judge by the staggering projected market worth of $24 billion USD by 2024 for the global natural and organic cosmetic markets.

And while the growing consumer appetite for green, natural cosmetic products provides incredible opportunities for formulators, that increasingly important “natural” claim also presents unique challenges. Perhaps the most pressing of these? How to create safe, effective, and pleasing cosmetic products – without the use of traditional ingredients like synthetic polymers. 

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The importance of polymers

Polymers are substances used in a wide variety of haircare, skincare, and suncare products as emulsifiers, thickeners, film-formers, and protective barriers. Beyond their functionality, consumers also relish polymers in their products for the pleasing textures and tactile sensations polymers can provide: smoothness, creaminess, and thickness, to name a few.

Although synthetic polymers have long played a vital role in personal care products, consumers increasingly want to see bio-based, biodegradable polymers in their cosmetic products. Luckily for formulators, an ingredient like the innovative, bio-based Glossamer™ L-6600 polymer is a perfect solution to this modern “Formulator’s Dilemma.”

Natural ingredients, maximum efficacy

A natural polymer for skincare, suncare, and haircare applications, Glossamer™ L-6600  is a unique, bio-based, biodegradable polymer, produced from purified tung (China wood) oil and rapeseed oils, and it’s perfect for natural product formulations.

An ideal natural alternative to synthetic polymers, Glossamer™L6600 offers top-notch film-forming properties that impart multi-functional benefits including gloss, moisturization, water-resistance and wear-resistance.

REACH compliant, and awarded with a listing by the Natural Products Association (the largest and oldest nonprofit representing the interests of manufacturers and retailers within the natural products industry), Glossamer™ L-6600 is quite likely the bio-based polymer of the future – and of natural product formulations.

A polymer for clean, natural beauty products

A botanically derived polymer like Glossamer™L6600 can be incorporated into a universe of products in need of thickening, emulsifying, or film-forming, like:

  • Facial moisturizers and serums
  • Sunscreens
  • Ethnic hair care products
  • Shampoos/conditioners/hair styling products
  • Lip gloss/balms
  • Body soaps/washes
  • Hand/body lotions

Unparalleled performance

Beyond locking down the all-important natural, biodegradable and sustainable labels, a superior bio-based polymer offers superior functioning in three key areas: moisture retention and intensifying conditioning properties, increasing moisture for the skin, and enriching gloss and shine.

Superior moisture retention

In a test between 2% Glossamer™ L-6600 and 2% Lanolin Oil Results, Glossamer™ L-6600 showed a 40% reduction in TEWL versus Lanolin Oil at 28%, two hours after application. Even more exciting? After six hours, Glossamer™ L-6600 continued to show stronger results of lower water losses at 21% versus the Lanolin Oil Results 12%.

For formulators seeking out a natural polymer for moisturizing products ranging from ethnic haircare conditioners to creamy body washes, Glossamer™ L-6600 is the natural fit for these innovative formulations.

Moisture Retention Chart
Long-lasting hydration chart

Long-lasting hydration

Additionally, Glossamer™ L-6600 is the perfect polymer for moisturization, water-resistance, and wear-resistance skincare products like facial lotion, body lotion, sun care products, and lip glosses and balms.

During tests, after initial application, Glossamer™ L-6600 showed an amazing 35% increase in skin moisturization versus the leading brand. And after three hours, Glossamer™ L-6600 showed 17% stronger moisturization versus the leading brand – a more than impressive result, and one that’s bound to be noticed by discriminating consumers.

Another step forward in bio-based formulation

The clean and natural beauty boom presents an incredible window of opportunity for formulators. Those who have been able to seize on it are riding a sales boom that shows no sign of slowing down, as consumer preferences continue to put “natural” and green-themed products firmly out in front of other brands.

Innovative new ingredients, like the bio-based, biodegradable Glossamer™ L-6600, offer formulators the perfect option to easily replace traditional, synthetic ingredients with greener, more natural options – and thus satisfy today’s ever-more-eco-obsessed consumer.

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