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Delivering Peptides – Anti-Aging Innovation with Infinitec

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Whether we call it anti-aging, well-aging, or preventative skin care, consumers want one thing: smooth, plump, line-free, skin that glows from within. One of the best ways to achieve this ageless skin? Skincare products that effectively deliver peptides – otherwise referred to as the keys to “age-proofing your skin” – deep within the skin’s layers.

Peptides: the body’s building blocks

Peptides, the small fragments of protein comprised of amino acids, are the molecular building blocks of the skin and provide the firmness, smoothness, and bounciness associated with vivacious, youthful skin.

Peptides are vital not only for the health of the skin, but also for the luminous, “age-proofed” complexion consumers crave. Collagen, in particular, is an especially important protein, as collagen is the main structural tissue of all skin and connective tissue.

Solving the decreasing collagen problem

While collagen is critical to a youthful complexion, the natural creation of collagen begin to slow with age. The result? The skin on the face, neck, and decolletage suffers a particularly hard hit. Think: sagging, increased appearances of wrinkles and fine lines, and unflattering textural changes.


Not to mention, environmental factors like UV rays, pollution, and smoking can also lead to decreased collagen production – and dull, lined, and unhealthy looking skin.

But consumers need not despair! Recent scientific research has found that the topical application of peptide infused skincare products can not only help slow down the signs of aging on the skin, but also target – and help fix – specific woes like dullness, by signaling the body to create more collagen.

Polypeptides or oligopeptides are composed of amino acids and can imitate a peptide sequence of molecules such as collagen or elastin. Through topical application, polypeptides have the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis and activate dermal metabolism.” – Skin anti-aging strategies, Dermatoendocrinol, National Institutes of Health

Challenges in formulating with peptides

While peptides might seem like the proverbial fountain of youth for consumers, creating safe, efficacious anti-aging skin care formulations with peptides is a delicate balancing act for manufacturers.

First, in order for peptides to work at their maximum capacity, they must be protected within a formulation. And while active ingredients must always be stabilized within a formulation, peptides are notoriously tricky to stabilize in an effective manner.

Additionally, without an effective delivery system, peptides will only penetrate the topmost layer of skin. Without penetrating deep into the skin cell, all the way into the fiberblast, the ability of peptides to stimulate collagen production becomes stunted and leads to lackluster results and disappointed consumers.  

The solution to creating a maximally effective peptides-based anti-aging product lies in incorporating an innovative delivery system, like the Infinitec cosmetic drone technology, to fulfill both the needs of the consumer and the formulator.

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Peak protection and performance

The Infinitec cosmetic drone technology is critical when formulating with active ingredients like peptides for two reasons.  First, the drone technology protects the biologically unstable peptides, by entrapping the peptides within an X50 capsule, made of biodegradable polymers. This capturing then prevents the peptides from becoming influenced by factors like changes in temperatures, pH levels, light, and oxidation levels (i.e when a product is opened).

Next, after the peptide is entrapped, the external lagent guides the specific X50 capsule to a specific receptor cell. This X50 capsule and the selected receptor cell then chemically bond, allowing the drone to penetrate the skin cell barrier. Over time, the biodegradable polymers of the X50 capsule naturally metabolize and the active ingredient will be released slowly and steadily. This function ensures that the peptides in an anti-aging product will penetrate the skin cell deeply and perform at the highest level.

Peptides, the “natural fountain of youth” can deliver the beautiful, healthy skin consumers want, but only if formulators seek out innovative delivery systems that both protect and push peptides to perform at their peak capacity.