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Creating Naturally Hydrating Skincare Products with Marine Algae

Red Algae Naturally Hydrating Skincare

For consumers who want to fight the dry, flaky skin that frequently comes along with harsh winter temperatures and dry indoor heat, the solution can be found…underneath the sea. Marine algae, recently dubbed the latest “miracle ingredient,” has the potential to help consumers improve skin hydration, lock in moisture, and create supple, luminous skin naturally.

The Role of Humectants

Humectants are the ingredients in skincare formulations that provide moisture and hydration to the skin. Through the formation of hydrogen bonds with water molecules, humectants work to hydrate the topmost layer of skin by preventing water loss. Additionally, humectants help protect the skin from becoming dry, damaged, or flaky.

Many popular humectants, like sorbitol and silicones, also work to create more moisturized skin by pulling water from deeper within the skin to the surface of the face. While chemical humectants are an important ingredient to helping create formulations for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin cells, many consumers are now on the hunt for the most natural skincare product possible – and this includes seeking out natural humectants, like powerfully moisturizing red algae.

Helpful at the Cellular Level

Red algae, a tiny, ancient microorganism, is a knockout ingredient for hydrating skin first because of its unique cellular structure. Red algae is comprised of long coils, which have a tendency to wrap around each other. 

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When these coils wrap together, small pockets of space are created within the organism – pockets where moisture becomes trapped.

When red algae is added into skincare formulations, these tiny, naturally created pockets of contained moisture are then topically applied to the skin and provide near instantaneous hydration. The result is supple, more moisturized skin that looks and feels better for consumers suffering from dry or flaking skin.

Double Duty

Additionally, red algae is perfect for natural claims hydration skincare products because of the double duty role red algae plays in boosting the efficacy of other other active ingredient products.

Thanks to the ability of red algae to naturally trap water, when applied to the face or neck via a skincare product, the red algae creates a thin film across the skin. This film works like a shield, and traps not only water, but also other hydrating, beneficial ingredients closer to the surface of the skin.

This shield-like effect ensures that other active ingredients deeply penetrate the surface of the skin

This shield-like effect thus ensures that other active ingredients, like antioxidants, or other humectants, like hyaluronic acid, will most deeply penetrate the surface of the skin – and work to their maximum potential.

For skincare formulations offering a double whammy of hydration, or a multitude of multifunctional benefits, like an anti-aging moisturizer, red algae simply can’t be beat as a partner to bolstering the powers of other active ingredients.

Packed with Protein

One more way marine algae is excellent for hydrating the skin?  It’s composed of almost 60% amino acids, the proteins that are largely responsible for the hydration of the skin cells.

Amino acids work with the body’s aquaporins, or the body’s water transport system, to move moisture throughout the epidermis. When amino acids are applied to the skin, they help to improve hydration, moisture, and help create a smoother skin surface and appearance. And one of the most sustainably harvested, and naturally occuring sources of amino acids is marine red algae.

Naturally Nourishing

Skincare formulations highlighting the super-charged, super-hydrating organism red marine algae have the potential to drastically improve skin suppleness, moisture, and hydration.

It’s why innovative ingredients like AstaDerm and others are paving the way for a new generation of red algae-based products, offering new opportunities for formulators to solve skincare challenges.

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