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Coast Southwest and Infinitec Activos Expand Partnership to Texas/Southwest Region

Two market leaders combine forces to deliver advanced anti-aging technology to customers.

(Placentia, CA) – September 12, 2018 – Coast Southwest, Inc., an industry leader in the marketing, sales, and distribution of personal care ingredient technology, announces it has expanded its relationship with Infinitec Activos into Texas and the southwestern region of the United States.

Headquartered in the Barcelona Science Park (BSP), Infinitec Activos is an international leader in the synthesis and manufacture of peptides, high-tech delivery systems, and other innovative active ingredients for cosmetic application.

“We are excited to extend our relationship with Infinitec,” said Traci Cassell, Coast Southwest Vice President, Anti-Aging. “Infinitec offers innovation, research, and ingredient technology that allows us to deliver ground-breaking ingredients and unique anti-aging solutions to our customers.”

Coast Southwest has been marketing the Infinitec lines in the West Coast region since 2016. The products are responsive to the market demand for high-performing ingredients with results supported by data and performance benchmarks.

“After more than a year of true partnership with Coast Southwest in the West, it was really easy to make the decision of expanding this relationship also into Texas territory,” said Alfonso Hidalgo, Sales Director of Infinitec Activos. “Although this is B2B, eventually, it becomes P2P, person-to-person, and behind Coast Southwest, there is a great team of great people. Coast Southwest and Infinitec share the same innovative DNA, thinking in a different manner to find solutions that bring value to our customers.”

Coast Southwest and Infinitec each operates an innovation center. The two companies’ missions are entirely different but highly synergistic. Infinitec is focused on basic research and academic science while Coast Southwest’s Innovation Lab works directly with customers to apply new ingredient technology. With the breakthrough science from Infinitec, Coast Southwest helps customers create new and unique products that enhance customer brands.

Coast Southwest and Infinitec share more than a passion for innovation. Together, the Coast Southwest/Infinitec collaboration is committed to the highest levels of customer service and responsiveness. This powerful combination of science and service creates a natural partnership with a broad market perspective—a dynamic approach that delivers new ideas, support, and satisfaction to customers.

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About Infinitec Activos


Since its inception in 2006, INFINITEC ACTIVOS has been an independent, technology-based, private biotech company that provides active ingredients to the cosmetic and biotech industry.  INFINITEC specializes in the research, process development, synthesis and manufacturing of peptides, high-tech delivery systems and other innovative active ingredients. Quality being paramount, INFINITEC has been committed to it from the very onset, embedding quality as a strategy and corporate responsibility. In this respect, their primary goal has always been to serve their customers with the highest quality products and technologies in order to set a new standard in the life science industry.

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