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/CC Creams: Advanced Ingredients Create Market Demand

CC Creams: Advanced Ingredients Create Market Demand

As every chemist knows, the difference between a really great product and the rest of the bottles on the shelf starts with the ingredients.

And, as every woman knows, any effective product that shortens her beauty regimen is worth a long hard look.

That’s the all-in-one appeal of CC creams.

CC is short for color or complexion correcting. CC creams are the functional follow-on to BB creams (beauty or blemish balms).

The appeal of CC creams is that they are lighter in texture and provide increased coverage and offer additional skin care benefits, especially when it comes to broad-spectrum SPF protection.

The better multi-functional CC creams will moisturize, color correct, and smooth the complexion with a fluffy touch and feathery finish, leaving the skin radiant.

The best CC creams will color correct, protect, and repair, delivering anti-aging effects with fillers to treat wrinkles and fine lines and materials that lessen the appearance of dark or sun spots and redness.

The challenge for personal care formulators and chemists is to move products beyond marketing and packaging to create a high performance  multi-functional CC Cream that delivers unique and advanced benefits.

Coast Southwest has ideas and personal care specialty ingredients for those creative scientists who are striving to make CC creams that are functionally differentiated in the marketplace.

The Creasperse® CC line, offers 25 customizable color shade dispersions in liquid form especially developed for CC creams. We provide emulsifiers that are based on natural ingredients and texturing agents that reduce tack and ensure a smooth application. Our moisturizers have excellent moisture retention properties.

Our premier anti-aging ingredient, Fiflow BTX, functions immediately upon application as a wrinkle filler and dielectric muscle relaxant. Fiflow® gives an instantly smoother, long lasting appearance to the skin surface due to Fiflow® BTX’s oxygen carrying capacity.

Leading chemists in personal care want to formulate CC creams with the best results.

As Coast Southwest continuously searches out and tests advances in contemporary ingredient technology, we will continue to share innovative ingredients and applications with our customers.

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