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You Be The Chemist® Makes Chemistry Fun for K-8 Students

John M. Rice, Executive Director Chemical Educational Foundation Everyone wants a society that understands science. Yet, according to any number of well-verified studies and reports, the sciences are not being taught adequately. This isn’t meant as a criticism. Our educators face many ... (continue reading)

Preservative Solutions to Meet Formulating Requirements and Market Demands

Preservatives are one of the least glamorous ingredient groups in cosmetic formulas, but are the most critical to making a product function. If a formulator can’t keep a skin cream, shampoo, or eye shadow fresh, nothing else matters. When it comes to personal care ingredients, especia ... (continue reading)


Chelates are an important component of most personal care and industrial applications. The key function is to act as an oxidizing agent and sequester free metallic ions, which by themselves can cause stability and micro issues within a system. It is common to add chelates to a water p ... (continue reading)

Dissolvine® GL-47-S Improves The Performance Of Personal Care Preservatives

Going green?  Don’t forget your chelate! Derived from corn, Dissolvine® GL-47-S is the natural choice to enhance the performance of those halogen-free, formaldehyde-free, and paraben-free preservative systems available to the chemist who is formulating  “green.” Dissolvine® GL-47-S ha ... (continue reading)

Congratulations in order…

Our sincere congratulations to Donna and Jim Boldt of Deeks & Company of Stone Mountain, GA, for being selected by NACD as 2011 Distributors of the Year. When you're recognized as such by an organization with the pedigree and authenticity of the NACD, that's a high hono ... (continue reading)

Another lesson in safety: the floods in Thailand

The Thai floods should reinforce the need for best practices in safety and security for chemical distributors everywhere! ... (continue reading)

Chemical Distribution growth on the climb in 2010.

NACD members saw a strong 2010, thanks in part to their membership in a forward-thinking Association. ... (continue reading)

Innovation as a jobs engine in the chemical industry.

Innovation begets jobs – just ask anybody in Silicon Valley about that, or any of the numerous communities springing up around the world, where engineers and chemists and other scientific professionals are applying themselves daily to the task of making better products and break ... (continue reading)

Congratulations to G.S.Robins….

…for keeping the bar high for everyone in the industry, as they were recipients of the NACD's Responsible Distribution Excellence Award. By committing to the 12 Codes of Responsible Distribution, they've earned our respect for having dedicated themselves to their indus ... (continue reading)