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The Appeal of Glycolic Acid Peel Pads

Glycolic Acid Peel Pads

The appeal of peel pads is easy to see: a fast and furious way to target specific skin woes like acne and supercharge skin appearance through effective exfoliation.

Referred to as “exfoliating for lazy people” glycolic acid-based peel pads are making a splash among consumers, who love the fast results and ease of these swipeable, wipeable skincare products.

What’s a Peel Pad?

A peel pad is a small, often circular piece of natural fabric or synthetic materials that are soaked in beneficial active ingredients that improve the health and appearance of facial skin.

Typically used after cleansing the face, peel pads are wiped in a circular motion across the surface of the face to help exfoliate the skin and provide a host of other benefits: brightened skin tone, increased plumpness and smoothness, and the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While peel pads are available for everything from “un-wrinkling” to trendy wine-y Resveratrol-soaked peel pads, the most popular peel pads are all enhanced with the single best chemical exfoliator available: glycolic acid, the holy grail ingredient for efficacious exfoliation.

The Expert Exfoliator: Glycolic Acid

The most popular peel pads are enhanced with the single best chemical exfoliator available: glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a member of the all-powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acid family, a group of acids hailed for their beneficial properties when applied to the skin. With the smallest molecule among the AHAs, it’s this small size that makes glycolic acid so incredibly efficient at exfoliating.

Learn about Glyacid
Learn about GlyAcid®

Thanks to its tiny molecular size, this superb AHA is the best ingredient for exfoliating the skin. By dissolving the bonds that hold dead, dry, or otherwise damaged skin cells together, glycolic acid hyper-effectively whisks away skin cell buildup and essentially decongests skin cells.

Additionally, the exfoliative properties of glycolic acid have another benefit for “complexion perfection” seeking consumers. After penetrating the skin cell, glycolic acid speeds up cell turnover, and drives new, healthy skin cells to the surface of the face. These new cells not only create a more vibrant appearance, but are also better equipped to absorb other beneficial active ingredients.

For the most effective – and gentle – ingredient to exfoliate the skin, glycolic acid simply can’t be beaten.

The Need for Speed

Regular exfoliation is crucial for maintaining a healthy, vibrant complexion. However, for time-strapped consumers who want to avoid adding one more step into their increasingly complex skincare routines, exfoliation can be all too easy to skip. But without regular exfoliation, dead skin cells, oil, and dirt build up and create dull, tired-looking skin.

This is where glycolic acid peel pads ride to the rescue for consumers. With a quick swipe of a peel pad after a regular nighttime facial cleansing, they’ve got an easy and highly effective product in hand – literally – that makes regular, consistent exfoliation possible.

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