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/Another lesson in safety: the floods in Thailand

Another lesson in safety: the floods in Thailand

They’re shutting down manufacturing plants, and that will probably include chemical producers as well as electronic and automotive makers: the terrible floods that have struck Thailand in recent days have disrupted the lives and livelihoods of millions, and impacted an economic chain that extends far beyond the country itself.

Just as with the Japanese earthquakes and tsunami of earlier this year, the disaster teaches us lessons about preparedness and safety that need to be heeded by every professional, especially in the materials handling and distribution industry.

Originating in Southern California certainly keeps us honest about safety and security from natural threats.   That’s why organizations like NACD, which has (again) posted an exemplary safety record from its membership, are critical.  Good stewardship and the willingness to invest in safety shouldn’t be back-burner priorities for any company, especially in our industry, and the lessons taught by the events of 2011 should really drive that home.

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