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/Coast Southwest Announces Kisameet™, a Mineral-rich Glacial Clay with Unique Properties

Coast Southwest Announces Kisameet™, a Mineral-rich Glacial Clay with Unique Properties

Discovered and ethically harvested by the Heiltsuk people, Kisameet™ is different from other minerals extracted from oceans or seas.

(Placentia, CA) – May 7, 2019 – Coast Southwest, Inc. introduces Kisameet™, a mineral-rich clay harvested from British Columbia, Canada’s Central Coast.

Historically used as a healing clay by local indigenous peoples, this 100 percent natural clay powder is an abundant source of micro- and macro-minerals, likely created from a volcanic eruption that poured a mineral-rich slurry of fine volcanic ash, pure glacial water, and numerous micro- and macro-minerals into a deep granite basin now famously known as the Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit.

Kisameet“You could say that the story of Kisameet actually began centuries ago,” said Kevin Sathre, Coast Southwest Senior Vice President, Sales, “when this unique, blue-green mineral clay was first discovered by the Heiltsuk people. Oral tradition confirms that it was used as healing clay.”

Today’s savvy skin care customers, who are more aware of product ingredients, environmental responsibility, and ethical practices, will respect that Kisameet™ Glacial Clay is ethically harvested by the Heiltsuk people, contains no additives, and is processed into a powder using discerning standards. This 100 percent natural clay powder is ideal for spa applications and topical skin formulations.

Coast Southwest will feature Kisameet™ Glacial Clay at the May 7-8 New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day 2019 in Booth #1355.

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