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The 5 Most Incredible Anti-Aging Abilities of Marine Algae

Red Algae Anti-Aging

Red marine algae is one of the most powerful ingredients on the planet for slowing down the sands of time, at least when it comes to combating the physical signs of aging skin.

From fighting free radicals to spurring skin cell regeneration, red marine algae is simply one of the cleanest, most efficacious super-ingredients available to use in anti-aging skincare formulations. Now, here are the top 5 incredible anti-aging abilities of red marine algae:

#1 – A Natural Protective Shield

Marine algae grow in extreme conditions: on rough coastal plains, where factors like pollution, oxidation, bacterial growth, temperature, and access to light constantly change. How does this ancient organism not only survive – but thrive – amidst all of this harsh instability? By acting as its own protective shield, deflecting and defending itself from everything from bacteria to pollution.

For consumers looking to reverse the clock, marine algae’s natural shield function is a blessing. Topically applied marine algae can create a film, or shield, on the face that both protects fragile skin and acts as a daily defense against skin-aggravating dirt and pollution particles.

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#2 – Free Radical Fighter

Sun exposure, and the subsequent exposure to UV-A and UV-B rays that goes hand-in-hand with being outdoors, is of the biggest factors in speeding up the aging of skin.

Free Radicals Attacking Cell

According to the American Cancer Society, “Long-term (sun) exposure can cause early skin aging, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, dark patches (lentigos, sometimes called age spots or liver spots), and pre-cancerous skin changes (such as dry, scaly, rough patches called actinic keratoses).”

Sun exposure, in other words, is a fast-track to dry, wrinkled, sagging, or rough skin that looks aged far beyond its years. But luckily for concerned consumers, red marine algae has actually been shown to stop UV-induced oxidative stress, and the consequent wrinkles, fine lines, or textural problems that sun exposure can cause.

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#3 – Vitamin and Mineral Blast

Another property that makes red marine algae top notch for anti-aging formulations is the mind-blowing amount of vitamins and minerals found within the organism that support the health, and healthy aging, of the skin. So, what are some of the top vitamins and minerals found within marine algae that support healthy skin?

Top anti-aging vitamins:

  • Vitamin A – “the wrinkle reducer”
  • Vitamin B – stimulates collagen, evens out skin tone and spots, smooths skin texture
  • Vitamin E – protects against sun damage, helps skin retain moisture

Top anti-aging minerals:

  • Calcium – helps repair and self-replenish skin cells
  • Copper – works to maintains collagen and elastin
  • Iodine – aids in skin repair and helps regenerate the lower layers of the epidermis by triggering cellular function

Out of all the naturally sourced ingredients available to formulators today, the high vitamin and mineral content of marine algae make it one of the absolute best ingredients to support healthier, more youthful skin – so it belongs in skincare formulations that promise to deliver on that front.

#4 – Protein Powerhouse

Comprised of almost 60% amino acids, the vitally important proteins that create and fill cell structure, marine algae could also be nicknamed the “protein powerhouse.” And for anti-aging skin care formulations, amino acids are a critical element for reachimg fast results.

Amino acids help keep the skin plump and firm, as these proteins work in tandem with the body’s water transport system to move moisture throughout the skin. For ageless, glowing skin, maintaining high moisture levels is critical – and so is topically applying amino acids, like those found in marine algae.

#5 – Collagen and Elastin Booster

Finally, marine algae is a superb ingredient for anti-aging skin care formulations thanks to its ability to support collagen and elastin, two of the key proteins needed to maintain healthy, vivacious skin.

As young as age 25, the skin naturally begins to slow the production of collagen and elastin, the two proteins that provide it with both strength and structure. Unfortunately for consumers seeking to maintain smooth, plump skin, this decreased productions leads to the increased visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

But, incredibly, research has found that marine algae inhibits the activity of skin-degrading enzymes collagenase and elastase and helps to strengthen skin cells. For consumers, this means topically applied marine algae can help them maintain thicker, plumper, smoother skin for much longer – one of the very best outcomes they’re after from their anti-aging skin care products.

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